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Mission Statement

At C & N Oilfield, it is our goal to provide the best possible service to our customers, with the highest standards in safety, and with the least possible impact on the environment.

C & N Oilfield History

1987: C & N is founded by Wayne Carley and Doug Needham, with the company’s home base in Doug’s garage. They purchase a 1986 Ford 1-ton crew truck from C.N. Foster and start doing various oilfield maintenance jobs in the Southeast Saskatchewan oilfield. In the early years, C & N employs 3-4 people.

1994: C & N is the first company to build in the new industrial area of Carnduff. The new shop is 3,200 sq. ft., a major step up from Doug’s garage.

2004: As the company continues to expand, C & N now has 9 employees and 10 trucks.

2009: Wayne Carley buys out Doug Needham’s share of the company, and becomes the sole owner.

2010: C & N expands again, and in October completes construction of an 11,300 sq. ft. shop in Carnduff’s newest industrial area. This shop includes 3,000 square feet of of office/conference room and an oilfield supply store. The company currently employs 30 people and has 27 trucks.

2013: C & N purchases Agratec International and moves all store operations to the Agratec building.

Over 25 Years

C & N Oilfield has always been a family company. This is true now more than ever. Wayne’s son, Kris, is the company’s vice president, and Kris’ wife, Gayla, is the office manager. Operations Manager, Allan Hubbard, has been with C & N since 1987, and has worked alongside his son as well as with his daughter, Alana Gardiner, who joined the company as C & N’s receptionist.

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